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Today June 2nd 2015 Courtney is featured in the Mirror UK. Check out the story and the photos they have featured in regards to Courtney having her own party for Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe would have been 89 on June 1st 2015.


June 1st,2015

Woke up this morning anticipating the party tonight. Today is Marilyn Monroe’s birthday! She would’ve been 89 years old. I plan on celebrating her life with friends at Hotel Roosevelt in the Marilyn Monroe suite. Monroe lived there for quite some time & often posed for shoots by the pool in the early 1950s. She has been such an inspiration to me ever since I can remember. There are so many positive qualities Marilyn had that should be recognized & celebrated. Growing up, I became fascinated with the phenomenon of her & the light that she carried. I had Marilyn dolls, Marilyn posters, Marilyn movies, Marilyn dresses, Marilyn CDs… you name it, I had it. Through the years of studying her, I learned that – not only did she exude immense beauty & sexuality – but I began to realize how incredibly smart & talented this woman was. In her day, she often felt slighted & misunderstood. Very few people believed she was intelligent or even respected her. Even today, I think when people hear the name, Marilyn Monroe, they immediately think of the ‘dumb blonde’ persona that she played up… but Marilyn was anything but dumb. She was a wise soul who exercised her talents & studied constantly. She knew that if she built her image from the inside out, it would be effective & successful – she was right.

And as for the dark side of Monroe…

… everyone’s story has light chapters & chapters that… well … aren’t so light … I choose to focus on the positive ones.

Happy Birthday, Miss Monroe…
You’re truly missed but your brilliance lives on …


Have a look around & feel free to check back here for updates by me! xoxoxo — Court